Monday, January 1, 2018

Bikeshare vs Bus/MRT vs your own bike/escooter!

So ofo bike share are having free November and December rides, prompting me to try them out.
It was such an ideal timing and I had the perfect scenario to use it, that will be another story.

Right now, what I was interested to know is that which is cheaper? Bike share or Bus/MRT/LRT?
Now logically if the distance is too near, walking is free, cycling should theoretically be cheaper then the bus or MRT. But at what point should I opt for one or the other?

Being an engineer the excel spreadsheet starts! With that a magical chart appears:

Ain't it cool? Data can be beautiful, any info-graphic designers out there wanna do something with me? Give me a buzz!
Amazingly the answer depends on which bike share company you choose! 
Short distance: oBike and Mobike starts off cheaper with their 50 cents rate.
Medium distance: Mobike is the cheaper choice for longer commutes. 
Long distance: Ofo, until it hits a cap of $2.

What is even more interesting for me is when I calculated the time take on your transport mode of choice.

Time is money, isn't it?

So taking you bike on short distances is almost always going to be faster since you don't have to wait for the bus and you can drop-off the bike at your void deck!
The magical number where buses are faster is when the distance to be travel is 3km and more.

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Simpler chart to understand:

That's it! Dualcircles signing out.

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Sunday, December 31, 2017

OCBC 2017!

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